Triumph Speed Triple SE - 13000 mile update

7 months on and 13000 miles later, christ where did that go?

It seems like only yesterday that the Speed Triple SE arrived at our office for long term test. Actually it’s been 7 months now and Speedy and I have done a tad over 13000 miles.

Aside from a daily 89 mile commute to London, the Triumphs been to Belgium, Germany, Wales, Cornwall, even Colchester a few times! It’s been complemented constantly, cared for and looked after, carried smiling pillions all over the country and to this day…touch wood….has never let me down.

In testing bikes its good practice to be fair about them, be honest about the pros and cons, show no bias but, in complete honesty it’s very difficult to find fault in the Speed Triple. Sure it has its little niggles, sometimes doesn’t find second gear, front end trails a touch when going into a corner but those things you can live with.

It’s true that different types of bikes suit different types of people at different stages in their life’s. I’m not saying I’m done with sports bikes or that I’ve reached the cruiser and custom loving stage yet. However, there definitely seems to be a natural progression through the ranks of motorcycles that pretty much all bikers I know have or are going through. And for me the Triple does everything I need at this point and it genuinely makes me smile every single day.

What you get with the Triumph is a blend or comfort, stability, power, and ergonomics that make it a solid and more importantly fun all-round do anything motorcycle. It’s not limited by massive touring style fairings, a revy hyperactive engine or set or handlebars so wide you can’t fit it through the Dartford tunnel.

Since the winter will be soon upon us I’ll soon be prepping the bike ready for the darkest gloomy depths of the great British winter time and this year I’m not phased by that at all, in fact I’m almost looking forward to it.

Approximately 40% of UK motorcyclists pack their bikes away for the winter but if you wear the right heated gear and keep your bike clean its perfectly possible to enjoy the fresh crisp air and the beautiful sights that only the cold winter mornings have to offer.

Over the coming months Ill keep you up to date on the latest heated gear, best products for proofing the bike against the elements and hopefully get some stunning pictures from the heights of the Snowdon mountain ranges.

Images attached are some unused randoms throughout the year.