Ducati Supersport S extended weekend

2019 Ducati Supersport S

Here's our thoughts on the 2019 Ducati Supersport S.

Easy, flickable handling
Quick shifter isn’t as smooth as other Ducati’s

Just before the bank holiday weekend I swung up to Ducati HQ at Silverstone, where BSB was setting up for the first race of the 2019 season. After a look at the Panigale V4R and V4S, and a brief ponder about which organs I could sell to afford one, I grabbed the keys to the much more affordable 2019 Supersport S.

I’d had my reservations about the Supersport S, thinking to myself ‘’well it’s not as good looking as a Panigale’’… But once I saw it in the flesh those reservations were quickly dashed. The Supersport S has a unique efficient style, and is a real head turner on the streets. Call me shallow, but this is how an Italian bike should make you feel – special and cool.

The Supersport S is a very well put together motorcycle, which has the fun factor and manageability of an SV650S - without the cheap build quality. The spread of power from the 932cc L twin is ideal for UK roads, it’s the kind of power that isn’t intimidating, but still gets the heart pumping. And with the great motor comes awesome almost Hypermotard like handling. This bike is mega responsive and can be aggressively handled, but thanks to the Ducati Safety pack, it doesn’t get out of shape or tail happy.

But, as I nipped down the M1 there was no such hooliganism, instead I found myself in a comfortable ergonomic seating position, enjoying the cruise. At my height, the adjustable screen didn’t do much, but it’s a nice touch and fits in well with the type of riding this bike is designed for. Another nice touch is the amount of useful information available on the LCD dash, such as: fuel consumption; fuel gauge; remaining mileage and a whole host of other useful stuff. Features like this make the bike a practical daily commuter.

However, if you want to get foolish on the Supersport S it has all the bells and whistles you need to do so, such as fully adjustable Ohlin’s front and rear suspension, Brembo M4 callipers and 113 Italian stallions. Ducati have struck a perfect balance between fun and practicality.


What I liked most:

  • Easy, flickable handling
  • Pokey, fun 113hp motor
  • Powerful M4 Brembo brakes

What I liked least

  • Quick shifter isn’t as smooth as other Ducati’s


One day is never enough to properly get used to a motorcycle. But, after razzing the Supersport S for just under a week (covering over 500 miles) I’m certain that this is a cracking motorcycle. Every time I looked at it in my garage, a ride soon followed… This bike is addictive.

If you are looking for something practical, fun and uncomplicated, the Ducati Supersport S is sure to float your boat.

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