Roadsmarts - have you fitted them to your GTR1400?

Do you own Kawasaki's sport-touring GTR? Have you tried Dunlop's excellent Roadsmart tyre on your bike? Let me know

After another three months and 6000 miles on the big Kawasaki the GTR’s second pair of Bridgestones is finished. As usual the front’s fine but the A1’s dual-carriageway monotony has squared off the rear. Road cambers and white lines now send the bike all over the place while the steering’s become horribly heavy. Still, the tread depth remains legal and 6000 miles from the rear tyre on a 1400cc sports-tourer isn’t too shabby.

While I’ve no complaints about the BT-021s, in the interests of science I’ve decided to replace them with a pair Dunlop Roadsmarts. I’ve ridden on them many times and they really are superb, particularly in the kind of mixed weather the UK does so well in August. The tyre’s on Dunlop’s fitment guide for the GTR1400 (dubbed the Concours by US marketing execs) but I don’t know anyone who’s tried them on – anyone got any feedback?