Long-term review: Suzuki SV650 old v new

Can Suzuki’s new SV650 fill the space that will be left by the demise of the SV650S?


If I'm honest, based on this review given the choice i'd probably still go for the old one.

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"SV650S bar risers" is a very popular search.

I'd be interested to hear what the usable tank range is on each bike. Sure, the new one has a smaller tank, but shape is important to how much is actually available - ask a Hornet owner.

It's right there at the end in the specs... how far you actually want to push it is another matter.

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That's calculated range based on the notional tank size - I can work that out myself. The value of a real world review is getting the (real) real world figure from the usable fuel.

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Hi Rogerborg. I think the useable range of the new SV is actually about 160 miles, pushing it. I'm doing about 120 a day and the dash says the range left is about 40 miles. I'll update when I've properly run it down to vapours. The old SV probably can manage 200 in favourable conditions.

I've thought about the risers. It's not cheap to get a proper kit, with new top yoke and straight bar - about £300 or more. Plus then you'd probably need a taller screen. I've settled for the original sporty riding position. It makes me feel like I'm going faster.

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Thanks Steve, that sounds realistic.

I had a sit on a pointy-SV and just couldn't get on with the "because racebike" position, sadly. The new "SV" looks a lot more my cup of tea.

If we're comparing new against last-chance-to-buy, then there are a few new SFV650s popping up at around £5K. Amusingly, dealers still tend to list them as a "Gladius", despite Suzuki's efforts to bury that name.

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Yeah, it is a bit too sporty for it's own good. Doesn't really make me feel like I'm going faster, either. I've considered getting clip-ons that stick up a bit higher than the standard ones (instead of a full comfort kit with a new top yoke and straight bar) but I'm not sure it will make a significant enough difference to be worth the trouble.

I just took delivery of a new SV last Friday. The dash is telling me it's doing 67mpg, but I am being gentle running it in, sensibly, of course. I'll measure consumption and range soon.

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Isn't the "New" SV a misnomer? It's really just a renamed Gladius.
I don't understand Suzuki sometimes. They sold a ton of SV650S, everyone had one, I had one, and they are still the most common track bikes.
The motors are these bikes are outstanding, but they let us down, again, with second-rate suspension and meh brakes. So, just buy the Yamaha FZ07.
You can buy used Gladii CHEAP, and with some simple mods, they can look cool.

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It seems to be a Gladius front, but the rear subframe and hangars are more SV-ish. Either way, once the initial rush is over and the inevitable discounting and deals start, I think I'll have a sniff.

Steve, apparently FJ1200 clip-ons with a higher rise fit, and can be eBayed for about £30 a pair.



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