Living with a 2002 BMW R1100S Sport

Gus experiences the sporty BMW R1100S

December 2002

No topple-overs or stacks on my longterm BM to report this month, oh no. I just wrote my race bike off at Oschersleben instead! That went down with the race team about as well as the Titanic. Sorry again chaps.

Little Dave my mate from Firstbike in Tooting (0208 946 9466) said to bring my bike over and he'd see what sort of power she chucking out on his Fuchs Dyno. A very healthy 100bhp was the end result, which is around 12bhp better than stock. He said he'd also fit me some race carbon fibre cylinder head covers with mini titanium slider plates, supplied by BMW off the race bikes. He also chucked some part worn Metzeler Rennsport tyres which I'll hopefully get to use up at a trackday before summer ends.

A made-to-measure Goodridge braided brake line kit (01392 369090) has added feel and bite at both ends but to be fair the brakes are probably one of the Boxer's strongest points even with the stock lines. Still, you can never have too much of a good thing eh?

In return for all his hard work, I lent Dave the BM for a few days as he was temporarily transport-less. But what did he make of it?

"At first it was a bit strange but the more I rode it the more it grew on me. I even went to a motocross meet on it and when I got back to it all these people were taking pictures and asking me loads of questions. I really enjoyed it and was surprised how hard you can push it against your mates on superbikes - they couldn't believe I was staying with them!"

Another happy customer then. Err, can I have it back now please Dave?