I've got my XT, so where's the snow?

I've swapped the Speed Triple for something more suited to winter

I wanted a bike that is truly all-roads capable. So I've chosen this XT660R.

I took the picture on the right after being caught in a snowstorm that ground the UK to a halt back in December last year. I managed to limp the Speed Triple home through miles of deep snow after our mental British weather turned from a dry cold winter's eve to 20 tons of snowfall in the space of five minutes. That day I also managed to grind through 2 years worth of wear on my winter boots using my size 10’s as support skids to keep everything upright. It was an experience but it wasn't fun.

This year however I am prepared to get the best out of the winter months. Those of us who ride through all seasons (that’s about 40% you, according to our survey) will know that you can have fun regardless of the cold and the Yamaha XT660R is my choice of bike to exploit the fun and frolics December, January and February have to offer.

The 660cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine thumps its way up to 70mph and the small headlight fairing actually gives a decent amount of wind protection.

So it's good on the road, how about green-laning? If it can handle the mud as well as the tarmac then it'll truly be an all-rounder that's somehow slipped under everyone's radar. I've got a few routes planned that I'm going to test the XT on but if you know of any must-ride green lanes in the Kent & Surrey area then get in touch; I’d like to hear from you.