Suzuki GSX-S750 - Service with a smile!

GSX-S750 at Motoden

Up to Motoden Suzuki for a first service on the mighty GSX-S750

I'VE BEEN a busy boy of late of course - schlepping round Europe to ride bikes and all that stuff. So the Suzuki GSX-S750 has been sat not moving for a few weeks, and has also been due for a first service. I've managed to get a couple of weeks in the UK though, so booked the beastie in for its primping and pampering.

The nearest Suzuki dealer to me used to be Metropolis in Vauxhall, but they've stopped doing Suzuki now, so the closest is now Motoden, up in East London, near Shoreditch. It's a bit of a pain, but I jump on the 750 and head off for the hour-long trawl through London. A few near-death experiences, but I soon pull up outside and leave the beast in the capable hands of Phil and the guys there.

The Bike Shed is a 20 minute walk down the A10, so I wandered down there for a couple of hours coffee and work on the excellent WiFi, then came back to a much cleaner, freshly-serviced GSX-S750, woo. Martin the tech there had adjusted the chain, lubed the lever pivots, done oil and filter and gave her a bit of a once-over (including a good jet wash for the very dusty and grimy exterior).

There was only one problem - while adjusting the chain, the rear axle spacer/washer/dunno what alloy cast part cracked, for some reason. Perhaps I had overtightened the rear axle nut when we changed the tyres over? Dunno. Motoden ordered a new one and will stick it in the post for me, and it'll be a five minute job to replace. In the meantime, if you have a GSX-S, it might be worth keeping an eye on that when doing any rear wheel work.

So, with the first service done and fresh engine oil and filter, I can thrash the 750 as hard as I like, with a clear conscience. The ride back from Motoden was good actually, I'm still struck by how much difference the PIrelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tyres have made - the front end is alive with feedback, grip and agility now, while the rear feels like it will never let go no matter what you do. On the hot asphalt round town today, the whole bike felt awesome, and the rubber has a lot to do with that I reckon. Definitely recommended if you're considering new boots.