2011 Yamaha Fazer8 just in

"A roadbike that ticks all the boxes" - we have four weeks to find out

There has been a considerable drop in UK bikers buying new motorcycles, listing financial strains as a contributing factor. There was also a time not so long ago when a large proportion of us had two or more bikes hauled up in our garages, but there has been a decline in recent years as bikers have opted to keep just one machine and knuckled down and persevered through the storm.

If you are one of those down sizing then you have decisions to make, what bike if you were to have just one, gives you a little of everything you need in a nicely rounded package? Harder to answer than it may seem. On the flip side if you are considering using a bike as a more cost effective way to travel but still want to enjoy riding whilst getting your kicks, again what would you choose?

Bike manufacturers in the UK are trying their best to make buying a new bike a genuinely affordable option for us consumers when we are considering the next steps in our own personal biking journeys. Finance offers are abundant along with accessory packages and test ride promotions all designed to help us get on bikes and keep riding.

Yamaha pitch the Fazer8 as a bike that will give you big torque with a surging top-end, packaged together with comfort and weather protection alongside practical features like ABS fitted as standard.

With 0% finance currently available on the FZ8 we are giving it four weeks in a real world test to see how good it fares. Over the coming days we will get back to you with more pictures, video and a report on how the FZ8 stacked up. We will also be fitting a Yoshimura end-can to ensure we remain 'audiably visable', like you do...

If you can't wait untill then, check out the Yamaha main site to find your local dealer