Woolly Buff

The Buff evolution


Woolly Buff

Buffs to me are like pants and socks, I’ve always had them and always wear them. Over the years things have evolved in the Buff world and now you can buy one for pretty much any weather condition.

One of the latest variants of the infamous “tube” is the Merino Wool Buff. Made from 100% Merino wool this natural neck scarf should help keep my goose warm thanks to its excellent “Microclimate control” properties no doubt very lovingly donated by some poor, shivering and now fluff-free sheep.

We have a whole bag of them here so will keep you posted on the other variants in due course, you may even get a chance to win one or two.

£22 will get you one of these soft on the skin Woolly’s. Check out the whole range here.

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