Honda Will it be ALLight on the night?

Promising retrofit cornering light makes a second crowdfunding attempt

You might recall that back in June we told you about ALLight– a Kickstarter attempt to fund a self-tilting projector headlight for bikes.

As it turned out, the attempt at finding funding for the project via Kickstarter came to nought, with only £8010 pledged towards a £71,929 goal when the counter reached zero. But now the system’s designers are back with a second attempt, this time via rival crowdfunding site Indiegogo

This time around the target is only $15,000 and with a month still to run pledges have already reached $13,265, so it seems near-certain that goal will be reached.

The lights simply plug in where an existing H4 bulb would normally go, and thanks to the same sort of gimbal that you see keeping the cameras steady on those MotoGP on-board shots, the ALLight stays at the same angle even when your bike’s leant over. The video above shows the system in action. There are more videos of the prototype in action hereand here.

They’re also set to be available for H7 and H11 sockets, albeit with a more complex fitting procedure.

At the time of writing, there are still ‘early bird’ perks available, promising the system for $150 plus shipping, with deliveries expected in January 2020. The retail price is due to be £220 per bulb.