Used: Tucano Urbano Steve AB jacket review

Visordown's Luke Bowler reviews Tucano Urbano's fashionable offering, the Steve

IT'S always the same story with motorcycle gear - you buy a nice jacket to wear on the bike, but as soon as you get off it you either look like a full-time dispatch rider or somebody with extremely questionable fashion sense. And that’s where the Steve AB jacket comes in.

It’s made from waxed cotton canvas and it’s the closest thing I’ve ever found to being ‘cool’ both on the bike and off it.

The jacket costs £106.99 and you’ll have to spend another £20 if you want elbow and shoulder protection. It’s all CE approved and won’t make you look like you’re wearing American Football shoulder pads either, which many jackets are guilty of.

I’ve worn the Steve AB on several bike launches now and so far I’m impressed with the jacket’s breathability. On hot days it keeps me cool, and although it’s neither waterproof nor particularly warm, I would agree with the windproof claims made by the Italian firm.

The jacket has a relatively high cut making it comfortable to wear on the bike, however if baggy t-shirts are your thing then it's worth noting that they'll protrude from the bottom.

You get three pockets on the outside of the jacket lined with sturdy zips, and another two ‘document’ pockets on the inside. Also, both the sleeves and waist section are fully adjustable. In other words, it’s practical and comfortable enough to be used as a daily jacket.

The Steve is available in khaki green, tobacco brown or black, and makes a perfect jacket to wear on casual rides when the weather isn’t too frosty. Oh and in case the name choice has confused you, the jacket is named after Steve McQueen.

Contact: Tucano Urbano