Used: TCX X-Force boots

My bestest boot of all time

These TCX X-Force boots have been in my locker since late 2009 or early 2010 - I forget exactly.

But however long the relationship and whatever their condition now, they are still my favourite bit of biking kit. I just keep wearing them and wearing them.

After thousands and thousands of miles in all conditions, they are still my default boot of choice.

Whether it be commuting, touring, off-roading or just dossing about, these TCX shorties are choice number one in nearly every riding situation except track days (obviously).


Well, they're supremely comfortable for one. Secondly they're very, very waterproof and thirdly, they offer masses of ankle and foot protection. The leather and sole is far thicker and sturdier than you'd find in any road boot yet because of their obvious shortness, they're really easy to walk about in. Not the usual leg-iron-feeling of normal full-length MX boots, that's for sure.

But the real X-Force USP is how easy they are to put on and take off.

Anyone who's worn the latest GP-developed boot-within-a-boot race stuff will possibly sympathize with this.

When most modern bike footwear take the best part of a lunar month to lace up, adjust and get comfortable, with just two quick-close buckles, these shorties are on and fastened tight in two shakes of a cuban maraca. They don't squeak like rusty hinges when you walk, either.

It's not much of an exaggeration - the flip-flops I'm wearing as I type this took longer to put on...

But the best bit? With their MX-inspired steel-inserted soles they're great for bikes with a kick start. They positively laugh in the face of a 13:1 compression ratio and too much ignition advance.

The worst bit? TCX, sniff, stopped importing them into the UK back in 2010 because, as their rep' said to me just a few minutes ago... 'over here (UK) it just didn't happen unfortunately. People didn't buy them.'

However, if you take my advice and want some comfort, strength and convenience for £149.99, UK importers Nevis still have a few pairs in stock - but bags first dibs on a size 43 pair...