Used: Sidi Vertigo boots review

Looks: check ... Quality: check...

I'VE owned these boots for around three years and ridden in just about every type of weather you could imagine.

They cost me £170 new and I took the view that rather than writing a set of rules as to when I could wear them, I would wear them for everything. No matter what the weather.

I keep a few things in mind when buying a boot. Quality, price and looks, probably in that order too. These Vertigos ticked those boxes nicely for me as I thought they were a great looking boot, felt very high quality and were worth the price tag.

The Vertigos are both comfortable, sturdy, and really easy to take on and off with just a zip and velcro cuff at the top. If you prefer a tighter boot, there’s a red tab at the back which tightens the boot around the calf for a firmer fit.

Due to the amount of plastic panels on the boot, it can be hard to keep it looking new. They often get scratched and the black colour goes dull. Also, the plastic results in a lot of squeaking whilst walking, which gets annoying fairly quickly. Nancy Sinatra you were wrong, these boots were not made for walking.

I’ve taken these on track a few times and when compared to more race-orientated boots there is an obvious lack of feel. The sole of the boot is very thick and trying to get good feedback on rear brake-pressure can be difficult. When compared to my Alpinestars SMX boots, there is a noticeable difference.

Over the front of each boot is a black rubber patch to protect the leather from gear changes. As you can see in the picture, the black has silvered slightly and no matter what I try it doesn’t come off.

The red vents on the side of the boot made a big difference when it’s hot in summer. Other than the toe sliders being softer than cheese, which is somewhat normal, the build quality is great. As I mentioned before, I’ve ridden with these boots for multiple years in all kinds of weather and after a little clean and leather treatment they look almost new.

Taking the build quality into consideration, I would buy a second-hand pair off Ebay without much thought. If they look like they’re in good condition, then they probably are.