Used: Shark RSI PRO helmet review

A good helmet, just make sure it doesn't give you aches or pains before buying

I'VE owned a Shark RSI PRO helmet for almost four years now and I’ve only just realised today that not once have I thought about chopping it in for something else.

That's because the RSI PRO does a lot of things right, one being the fact that my melon is still in one piece after I crashed a few months ago.

Changing visors on the RSI is a doddle and much easier than most helmets, which can require unscrewing or special tools. On the RSI, you push the large buttons on the side and the visor pops off. To fix it on again, you simply clip it back into place. Easy peasy. It also has removable inner liners.

I crashed a few months ago on a wet roundabout and landed heavily on my head. It was a "Helmet, meet asphalt. Asphalt, meet helmet" moment. Other than a graze just above the visor (see pic), the lid faired well. As did my head luckily. About all you can hope a helmet to do in a crash is save your noggin and the RSI did that rather nicely.

The low 1450g weight is noticeable and lighter than more expensive helmets from Arai and Shoei. However, the RSI does have a downfall, wind noise. I tend to not wear ear plugs which is my problem but the wind noise that comes through the helmet is loud. After a long ride, my ears ring for a while. Then again, lots of other helmets suffer from the same problem and it doesn't mean lack of quality.

Adjustable vents are mounted on top of the helmet and on the chin area. I'll be honest though, I can never tell when either is open or closed. They seem to make no difference as to how much air flows through.

The Shark RSI PRO is a really good helmet if it fits you and is comfortable. It’s a nice looking lid with deep paint that doesn't chip easily, has some good features included and a 4* SHARP safety rating.

You can pick up a new one these days for £125. That's a good buy.

Contact: SHARK

Price: found online for £125