Used: Scorpion Serket R1 exhausts

British exhaust manufacturer Scorpion have been rebranding, so what’s this "Red Power" all about?

Derbyshire based Scorpion exhausts have been manufacturing performance exhaust pipes by hand for over 20 years, and by way of celebration and to keep them in the 21st century they’ve had a rebrand.

"Red Power" is a phrase they use to help explain how Scorpion exhausts make you feel. Something to do with evoking passion, performance and the heat of competition. To be honest I’m not really sure about all that marketing mumbo jumbo. What I am sure of though is that a rebrand is a risky business and on the face of it, Scorpion have pulled it off.

I agree with those that say the standard pipes on the R1 look ugly. They are super bulky and although the 2012 facelift model has some new plastics to help conceal them, they still ruin what could otherwise be a good looking rear end.

Surprisingly they are very light and weigh in at just 2kg heavier than the Scorpion replacements.

Changing the cans took 30 mins. The rear seat fairing needed loosening off and then it was just a matter of unbolting the old and re-bolting the new.

The more slender profile of the Serkets definitely reduce the visual bulk at the rear end. Part of the new branding means you get a red ring insert that’s there for show. I like those red rings but no doubt some won't, either way they are solid and well coloured which should stop them fading.

Bolted straight on the power is up by 4.9bhp to 155bhp. Mapped and paired with an air filter you can expect in excess of 159bhp over standard.

The standard cans put out 98db. With the Scorpions fitted that increases to 99db or 103db without the baffles. The noise of this engine really is something that needs to be heard and is a sound that quite simply makes me smile ear-to-ear no matter how tired or hungry I may be.

The baffle removal screw is easy to get to and the thin tubes slipped out with little effort.

The Scorpion Serket Parallel pipes come in three versions, stainless steel at £598 or titanium at £698. These are the carbon fibre versions which retail at £698.

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