Used: RST Raptor 2 textile jacket and trouser review

A full textile suit that won't break the bank

SEVERAL years ago I travelled around Europe for three months on a beaten-up BMW F650 Dakar. At the time, I needed a jacket for the trip and was searching for something that looked decent but wasn’t priced through the roof. I ended up buying an RST Razor jacket which did me rather nicely. It was warm and waterproof, and remained that way even after crashing in it.

As such, I was more than happy to use RST’s Raptor II jacket and trousers over the winter. Available to buy for under £270 for the set, I don’t think you can go too far wrong. Both the jacket and trousers have kept me dry and warm, even after removing the quilted liners.

The jacket comes with a number of adjustable straps, poppers and zips to play around with. I prefer simplicity, but if you’re one who enjoys the perfect fit and you’re willing to spend a few minutes adjusting everything, then they do work. It also comes with CE certified shoulder and elbow armour and a removable level-1 back protector.

I like the idea of the storm flap around the neck but I removed it after several rides. It’s secured by a fiddly zip and the strip of Velcro which secures the side is so thin it comes undone in the wind. It’s easier to just put on a dedicated neck tube.

Around the cuffs you get both a zip and an adjustable Velcro strap. It means tucking in a glove takes that bit longer, but once adjusted properly, it keeps the wind out and the warmth in.

For when snow and rain isn’t on the forecast, you get large flaps that peel back from the chest and secure onto the shoulder. They make a huge difference to air-flow and turn a winter jacket into an all-year one.

The trousers follow suit by being practical too. Despite using them on a cold and rainy day, I had to remove the liner because my legs were getting sweaty. The liner only runs to near the knee so it’s not too bulky if you want to remove and store it mid-ride.

After removing the liner, although I was no longer hot, the knee-armour did begin to rub against my leg. Fine on a half-hour commute, probably more irritating on longer journeys or touring.

It’s all in the price though, for £270 you’re investing in a full suit that will keep you warm through the winters and still be more than useable throughout summer with the use of the vents.

Price: £149.99 for the jacket, £119.99 for the trousers

Contact: RST