Used: Rizoma B-PRO pegs review

The Streetfighter gets treated to some Italian bling

I'VE just fitted a pair of Rizoma B-PRO pegs to my Ducati Streetfighter to increase grip and to improve on the looks of the OEM pegs.

Having owned an 848 before the Streetfighter, I’m all too familiar with the Teflon-like coating that comes on the original pegs. They have little to no grip, making them less than ideal in the dry and relatively lethal in the wet.

Changing them over was on my casual to-do list until my boot slipped off the stock peg during an overtake a few weeks ago when riding in the rain. The bike twitched around as my body weight was thrown to one side of the bike, eventually regaining composure as I pulled back into my lane.

It took me under 20 minutes to remove the stock pegs and install the B-PROs - they’re a really simple fit. Remove a small circlip, gently hammer out the dowel pin, and hey presto the old one comes off. Fit the Rizoma parts in reverse order and you’re good to go.

The first opportunity I got to properly test them was at Brands Hatch for Bridgestone’s S20 EVO tyre test. The difference was night and day with a huge increase in grip compared to the old pegs, and in my opinion, better looks too.

Rizoma also include small sliders that pop into the end of the B-PROs. I’m unfortunately not skilled enough to put them to the test but they’re a nice touch nonetheless.

The B-PROs are made from billet aluminium and are available in silver, black, gold, red and blue, priced at €69 (£56) for the set.

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