Used review: Tucano Urbano Ermes Women’s Jacket

Stylish and practical

AS a female rider, it’s hard finding a jacket that doesn’t make me look like a Michelin man and doesn’t compromise on safety. Tucano Urbano prides itself on combining suave Italian tailoring with thoughtful practical details, and the Ermes does just that. With armour at the elbows and shoulders and pocket for a back protector, as well as reflective detailing on the wrists and neck, I felt safe just looking at it. The reflective strips can also fold away, for a more civilian look when off the bike.

With pockets, zips and poppers galore, you can adjust it to get a perfect fit whether you’re wearing a T-shirt or suit jacket. Being of small-ish build, I moved the waist poppers and zipped the arms and wrists for a snug fit and slick silhouette. The front pockets are roomy and much safer for my phone and wallet than the side pockets I had on my previous jacket. The elasticised inside pocket is also useful for letters and bigger packages. And I'm sure the tiny zip pocket on the arm will come in useful one day. The long tag on the front zipper means I’m never scrabbling around for it with my gloves on, and it has a smooth action.

During a month of commuting, I tested the jacket in all weather conditions and it never let me down. Totally wind and rain proof, I felt warm and cosy in Spring showers. I would probably add a scarf in winter as I have broad shoulders and couldn’t quite close the neck popper. Removing the lining on hotter days and unzipping the armpit, back and chest vents allowed a lovely cool breeze.

Sometimes I think the armour moves around a bit more than I would like, especially the shoulder pads, but all in all I would say this is a high-quality jacket that is definitely worth the money.

Product tested: Tucano Urbano Ermes Jacket

Price: £219.99