Used Review: Spyke two-piece suit

Used Review: Spyke two-piece suit

Due to a lack of funds I had to make do with another eBay bargain last summer and this Spyke 2 piece set of leathers was picked up for £90.

Buying without trying is something I never learn from so it was always going to be potluck if these fitted me properly. Unfortunately they proved to be just a bit too small.

I had to rob an older suit of mine to put some armour in the knee pockets and the back protector in the jacket was little more than a token gesture. As these were bought second hnd hand I’m guessing some of the original armour had gone missing.

The jacket was extremely short and the zip connecting it to the trousers broke after a few months. I got a local dry cleaners to fix that but an already tight fitting suit then became unbearably too much and it had to go.

They’ve made it no further than my garage floor recently but after getting them out to take this picture I might clean them up and see if I can get some beer money back.

Apart from the zip breaking (possibly not helped by the sizing issue) the suit seemed to be of a high standard. The leather seemed to be good quality but luckily for me I never had to put it to the test. I have stuck with Spyke for my current textile jacket used for my daily commute and that’s going great.

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