Used Review: Dainese Jerico - R

Winter gloves fail to keep out the cold

STUCK up a Tuscan mountain, bike buried to the pegs in snow a week before Christmas and 1200kms from home.  At least my hands would be toasty inside my new (2009 model) Dainese Jerico Rs.

Gore-Tex to keep my digits dry, Primaloft to keep them warm, DCP distortion control to stop my pinkie from snapping off in a spill plus rigid knuckle and finger armour were the features on offer.  The Gore-Tex storm cuff, with two Alcantara pull tabs to provide rain barrier, and hopefully lock in the warmth.  A diagonal zip on the outer cuff and a slim velcro wrist strap keep things snug.

Leather with very marginal padding covers the palm and fingers, with a faux leather hatched material for added grip.

After 10 minutes discussing the Italian translation of ‘buy cheap buy twice’, I had hoped the Jericos would be worth the £100 investment (and that was the sale price).  How disappointed I was when after only 10 minutes at 3 degrees above freezing my fingers tips went numb, at sub 60mph speeds too.  Prior to this feel wasn’t great, but a compromise if they had actually kept me warm.  Thats if you could get them on in the first place.

Needless to say, the ride back to Blighty was utterly miserable as far as my hands were concerned.  Even adding Gore Windstopper liners to the mix did little to dull the excruciating pain, nearly ruining the Route Napoleon through the Alps.  Using your shoulder and elbow for throttle control isn’t something I want to repeat.

Back in London, the Daineses were put into service again. At around 3-4 degrees Centigrade, 10 minutes is all you get before chill sets in and numbness follows shortly after.

The fact that Dainese is also ski wear brand leaves me somewhat bewildered, and I won’t be buying winter products from them anytime soon.