Used Review: Arai RX-7 Corsair Edwards helmet

Used product showcase from Visordown

I've worn my Corsair near enough every day for the past two and half years and the fit is fantastic, perfectly snug but comfortable enough for long days in the saddle.

It wasn’t always thus – the first few days were a little tight across the forehead but the helmet soon gave. The side pods and vents still function perfectly with the exception of the chin vent, which, since I sadly dropped the lid, no longer stays shut. The ventilation is really impressive.

So, perfect? Nearly.

The price is/was high (£589.99 for the new RX-7 GP) and the RX7 isn’t particularly light either – my Shoei X-Spirit is easier on your neck.

Nonetheless this helmet is a superb lid and, now that it’s been superceeded, they’re for sale at £400 or less.

Price: £400