Used Review: Arai Axces helmet

Arai's entry-level helmet. Is it any good?

My first Arai was an Astro R Schwantz replica in 2003, I still wear it today. Since then I've owned an RX-7 Corsair, which I wrote off in a smash in 2010 and then replaced it with an RX-7 GP, Arai's new top of the range lid.

The trouble with going up the ladder is that it's hard to come back down but when Arai introduced the Axces mid-way through 2010, I had to get one in to check it out.

The Axces is their entry-level helmet and costs £269.99, as opposed to £569.99 for the RX-7 GP. That's less than half price. Sure, there are lots of differences between the two, however, the Axces doesn't lack any of the features you want on a helmet. It's got a double D-ring strap, removable visor, venting and it's Pinlock ready.

The shell is made with Arai's Super Fibre Construction (SFC) which makes it heavier than the RX-7 GP but it's not cumbersome. It doesn't have a removable lining, but then not many people remove theirs anyway, do you wash yours?

The Axces isn't quietest on the move but then no Arais are and I always wear ear plugs, so that's not a big issue for me. The venting is noticeable on the chin bar and the Axces retains the vented visor of the higher-spec Arais, which really helps air-flow through the lid and helps prevent it steaming up.

The main Arai strength that the Axces has kept hold of is the quality of the lining; it's like planting your face between a big pair of boobs but without having to empty your wallet for the privilege..