Used: HJC FG-15 helmet

Reliable and well-priced lid

HJC is a popular go-to for quality, fairly-priced lids and this one is no exception. 

With a few months of solid wear behind it, I have no problem with saying that the FG-15 is very good. I have found it to be very comfortable, well-padded and flush-fitting. A five point ventilation system gives ample versatility in terms of controlling conditions inside the helmet (used more than you'd think considering this appalling weather). Although not the lightest helmet on the market, for a full-face, full-spec lid, it's really not too heavy at 1.4kg.

Further features include removable liner, cheekpads, breath guard and chin curtain - although I admit to not having used these functions, it is a strong point in the FG-15's favour that the internal systems of the helmet are so customizable. 

In the varied world of fastenings, I favour the old-fashioned D-ring rather than mucking around with tightening mechanisms - I am allergic to faff and unnecessary complexity when it comes to motorcycle kit, so it was an immediate point in the plus column that the FG-15 had it. 

Having taken a small tumble a few weeks ago, in which it easy shielded my head (although it must be said that if it hadn't done so, it would have been shocking - the helmet has a creditable four-star SHARP rating), I can at least vouch for its safety in a slow-speed incident. 

There is little to report in the looks department, although it's neat and shapely without having too much in the way of tribal pattern or any similar rubbish; I went for the plain white with a touch of go-faster silver. 

The only negative is that it is relatively quick to steam up, although it is by no means alone in this regard and it is not problematic enough to count against the usability of the helmet to any large extent. 

To conclude, this is a functional, comfortable, well-priced helmet; although there are cheaper lids out there, for a first time rider looking for usability and good protection, you'd do well with the FG-15. 

RRP: £150