Used: Auritech BIKER earplugs review

Auritech earplugs, designed and manufactured in the UK

I'VE been wearing these earplugs whilst riding over the Christmas break and I’m slightly disappointed.

When I see a commonplace product like earplugs aimed specifically at bikers I think along the lines of ‘designed by bikers, for bikers’, sadly this was not the case in my experience.

I personally found them far too hard to be comfortable and couldn’t keep them in for much longer than 10 minutes at a time; using them with a helmet on only exacerbated the problem.

However, some people may prefer a harder earplug which feels very secure in the ear. This the Auritechs do very well, once positioned in the ear they're not going anywhere.

In terms of comfort, the EarPeace HD plugs that we recently reviewed are superior. They are much softer (made from silicone) and to my ears create the same level of sound reduction.

Retailer, who stock both earplugs said: “Auritech plugs are manufactured with a ceramic filter with which they are able to pin point specific frequencies to precision tune protection from engine and wind noise whilst allowing conversations to remain clearly audible. Plus the unique & patented Venturi channel shape ensures optimum attenuation by capturing more of the sound waves than a straight filter.

Although it's comforting to know that - in theory - the Auritech plugs may be better for preventing hearing damage than the EarPeaces, they still need to be comfortable enough to wear daily and for long rides, which for me they aren't.

The plugs are made of silicone-free thermoplastic and come with an aluminium keychain case.


Price: £19.95