Used: Alpinestars Supertech R boots

Top of the range boots deal with a season of racing

I've worn these Alpinestars Supertech R boots for my season racing in the 848 Challenge and up until the last race of the season, they were looking in great shape!

When I tried on a pair of Supertechs a few years ago, they were the first boots I'd worn with a separate inner and outer. At first I didn't get on with them for two reasons: I felt like they took an age to get on and didn't like the feeling of 'slip' between the inner booty and the outer.

After a while you get pretty slick at putting them on, the inner booty has a drawstring you yank tight and then fix the cord to the outside of the inner booty with some velcro, then you zip the outer up and secure it with the ratchet closure.

Pretty simple, really. Once they're on, they're on!

I'm picky when it comes to feel and with the old boots I felt the movement between the inner and outer meant I lost out on feel but the new Supertech Rs are a much tigher fit and I've got the feel I need.

Through the season I didn't really think about the boots, just cleaned them on the setup day and packed them away after a race weekend. After a small tumble at Cadwell, they needed a bit of extra love to pull the grass out but it was at Silverstone where they took a beating. I highsided coming out of Woodcote and landed quite heavily, the boots are scuffed up all over, but my feet are fine. The boots are perfectly usable, they just don't look as good as they did...

The one disappointment with the Supertechs are the toe-sliders; they're replaceable which is great, as long as you get to them in time. Mid-race is not that time. During Race 1 at Silverstone, I knew I was grinding out the right-handside toeslider (but doing my best not to) and all the while I'd ground through the slider and into the mechanism that keeps it in place. So now I won't be able to replace the worn toe-slider as there's nothing for it to clip into.

Fantastic boots with great feel and protection. I'm interested to know if you've had the same issue with yours.

Price: £299.99

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