Used: Alpinestars Joey Canvas shoes review

The casual shoe for bikers who don't want to stand out

The brief I gave to my girlfriend before packing for our little California road-trip was simple: “No hair straighteners, no high-heels and no hand bags!”

So, I had to honour the whole ‘packing light’ thing too ...or risk a week of abuse.

I picked up these shoes as I thought they’d double as decent riding gear for the Yamaha XVS650 and Ducati Diavel we had lined up but they also looked perfect for wearing with jeans when we’d dumped the bike and were heading out to explore the sights.

They don’t feature any ‘real’ armour but they are made from a tough yet flexible canvas and they feature additional protection around the ankle. They feel as comfortable as a pair of Vans and are just as good-looking.

They don’t feature anything on the upper part of the shoe where you rub the gear lever, so after a couple of days, this area started to blacken but as you can see from the photo, it’s not too bad.

They’re comfortable, they look good and while they’re not going to be as protective as race boots, they’re better than a pair of Vans.

What: Alpinestars Joey Canvas shoes

Price: from £89.99