Tested: MotoGP 2015 PS4, Xbox 1 : By Kane Dalton

The latest racing game to hit the home consoles

THE latest bike racing games are so realistic that racers are even using them to learn circuits ahead of a big race. MotoGP 2015 is the latest iteration of the popular series and one the latest generation consoles the level of realism is even more impressive.

Visordown was invited to a preview of the upcoming game - due for release on June 19.

Large HD TVs at the event made the bikes almost seem life size on the screen. It only took ten minutes of playing the game to see just how quickly you could become addicted to this game.

I knew the track layout from my own racing experience so knew where I was going and recognised all the familiar landmarks around the circuit. I just needed to coordinate the gaming controls with what I was seeing and doing. I experimented with several camera angles but felt most comfortable in the first person view.

What’s new from the last title: 2014 Moto GP? The developers have taken all the best bits from the previous games and have come up with a higher-definition, better performing more engaging game for 2015.

Of course all the bikes are the 2015 grid and running the latest livery. The graphics are sharper with better definition; this can be seen in the grass, tress, track surface and the rain. The designers have paid attention to every little detail on the bikes and on the tracks. MotoGP 2015 is designed as a simulator that was built to extend your MotoGP experience.

The team consulted with Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP riders to get the detail and action as realistic as possible. Little details like what happens to the rider if they highside or lowside, or what a rider would do to rectify a problem on the bike were recreated digitally. These actions were filmed in a studio using real riders.

The introduction and leaderboard mimics the television coverage we all know and love. You even get slick, packaged replays to watch back the highlights of the last race. The PS4, version offers a better definition.

There is an instant game option if you're experienced and do not want to set up your bike or team. If you are new to gaming there is also a built in tutorial to help you learn the ropes.

You can also set up rider assists to make tackling a fire-breathing GP more manageable until you get the hang of the game and the controls. There are also on screen prompts with a blue line to follow with acceleration and a red line leading you into the braking and cornering. 

One of my favourite features that real race fans will love is the ability to delve into the racing archives and choose legendary riders, to ride machines from previous seasons like the notoriously difficult two-stroke bikes.

Getting started you can build a team; choose your bike and sponsors. There is the option to start in Moto3 and work your way through to Moto2 and, eventually, even MotoGP. As you get better sponsors will contact you and offer you contracts. Teams will invite you to ride for them as you progress, just like they  would in the real world.  There are nice little touches like seeing your motorhome becoming increasingly bling as you progress.

But riding is only half the challenge. Players get the opportunity to set up their bike. You can tweak its handling, brakes, and even traction control which alters the level of tyre wear in a race. Also gamers need to respond to weather conditions, from hot sunny tarmac to torrential downpours. 

MotoGP 2015 can be played with other players online. You can also share photos of your team or  racing footage. You can race in real time or set up challenges for other players to achieve in their own time.

There is also an online interactive MotoGP championship where you compete for championship points.

Click here to see the latest game trailers.


RRP – PS4 £49,99

PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PC2 £39,99

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