Tested: Kevlar jeans review

We take a look at some of the best motorcycle kevlar jeans on the market

BUYING a decent pair of kevlar jeans is difficult. All of the models we've ever owned or tried have been let down by at least one feature. Whether that be price, a lack of comfort, minimal kevlar protection or just criminal styling, there's always something.

So we selected eight pairs of kevlar jeans currently being sold and aimed to find out which one's cut it and those we'd steer clear of.

We subjected the jeans to a total of three tests. Each carried a maximum score of 10 with bonus points on offer for jeans that came included with knee or hip armour as standard.

Test 1: Comfort: Sore knees and cardboard fabric is not cool.

Test 2: Abrasion resistance: These are kevlar jeans, so we want to see lots of it.

Test 3: Style: Flared jeans aren't illegal, but they should be.  

Test 4: Bonus: Two points for jeans with knee armour as standard, four points for knee and hip armour.

Here are our results starting with the Roadskin Paranoid Rain jeans.