Tested: Davida Jet helmet review : By Kane Dalton

Snooker loopy for Davida's eight ball lid

I WANTED an open face Davida Jet helmet to compliment my R80 BMW café racer. I'm used to race rep full face helmets but it didn't quite match the retro image of the bike.

I've put the helmet through its paces and it’s seen its fair share of rain and has been knocked around quite a bit too - if I was selling this helmet on eBay I’d list it as ‘well used’. Despite my mistreatment it’s held up well, revealing no visible scratches or water marks on the gloss finish. Who wants a scratched snooker ball on their head?

Ok, I admit not everybody wants to ride around like me wearing an oversized eight ball and Davida has a wide range of other designs with both matt and gloss finishes in over 100 colours. Not enough choice? Bespoke colours and custom designs can be made to order.

I can happily ride all day in the Jet and it’s comfortable and a lot quieter than most open face helmets. It also produces less lift. The Jet's fibreglass shell and liner has been designed to follow the natural shape of the head; narrower at the jaw than at the crown. When combined with the interior, which also follows these lines, the snug fit ensures the Jet is stable as a rock on my head.

I have tested a few open face helmets and found that the lift generated is very uncomfortable and can even bruise under the chin, particularly at motorway cruising speeds.

The leather lining with the Saturn crown feels great every time I put it on and gives the helmet the look and feel of a quality lid. Because of the higher profile and the narrow width across the face you need to find goggles that fit comfortably.

Davida claims it has used extensive human head data so it can produce helmets proportional to head size. The Davida T series has been designed with this in mind.

I have worn the helmet in the rain and no water seeped in through the sides.

The strap has a conventional D-ring fastening, which I like and there are studs for optional peaks and visors. There is also a sturdy clasp on the back of the helmet to hold your goggle strap in place

If I get into any classic racing I can use my helmet as it is ACU approved for racing in the UK

Price: £268 exc. VAT