Showcase: Waterproof motorcycle gloves

11 gloves that'll keep your hands warm and dry over the cold months

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If there is one thing the UK is known for it is unpredictable weather and when you're facing the elements there are three things your hands need from your gloves: dryness, warmth and comfort.

We've taken a selection gloves from the best, most trusted brands. We've catered for all budgets, from £60 to £140 and we'll tell you what each glove features and where you can buy them.

Knox Zero Outdry

Knox are probably better known for their class-leading protection, but their venture into ‘hand armour’ has wielded some interesting results. Take the waterproof Zero Outdry for example, Knox use a patented lamination process where the waterproof and breathable membrane is bonded directly to the glove’s external shell - stopping water from penetrating the outer layer.

The Zero Outdry is armoured with Knox’s own scaphoid protection, hard knuckle protection typical of summer gloves and abrasion resistant reinforcement to the palm. The leather gloves also feature the clever Boa Closure System to dial the glove shut and a waterproof cuff with draw-string that can easily be operated with a single hand.

Price: £129.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: XS - XL

Held Air n Dry

So, the Air n Dry from Held is just another pair of ordinary waterproof gloves, right? Wrong, they fit the moniker of all-weather gloves perfect thanks to an inventive way your hands go into them. The concept is simple, and makes you wonder why it hasn’t existed before, as Held have made a glove that features two chambers with which to put your hand in, one that takes advantage of a waterproof Gore-Tex lining and the other that is breathable with a heightened feel.

Constructed from a mixture of kangaroo leather and Cordura textile, the Air n Dry features hard plastic knuckle protection, Velcro adjustment at the wrist and cuffs, a visor wipe on the left index finger and reinforced fabric to the edges of the hand.

Price: £134.99
Colours: Black, Black/Grey
Sizes: XS - XXL

Weise Montana

One of the key features common in waterproof gloves is the use of some trademarked waterproof material. For the Montana glove Weise have opted for Hipora, offering a waterproof, windproof and breathable liner. Protection comes in the form of molded plastic to the knuckles and an additional layer of leather to the impact points around the hand.

Price: £64.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: S - XXXL

Alpinestars Jet Road GTX

It is essential during the winter to be as visible as possible, and Alpinestars have met this by including the cautiously coloured luminous yellow as an option for their Jet Road GTX. The £130 glove uses the popular Gore-Tex material for waterproofing and other features include a two-part cuff; elasticated for inside the jacket and a zip over the top part of the cuff. It features a suede palm for better grip and carbon knuckle protection.

If being a beacon doesn’t tickle your fancy however, then the glove is also available in black.

Price: £129.95
Colours: Black, Black/Yellow
Sizes: S - XXXL

REV'IT! Bastion GTX

REV'IT! are still climbing the popularity stakes for motorcycle gear and the Bastion GTX is the top-of-the-line waterproof glove from the Dutch company. The Bastion GTX is constructed from a mixture of cowhide and goatskin, with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane and fleece lining. The glove is adjustable via three separate areas; a zip at the front and velcro straps at the wrist and cuff.

The main protection points for the hand come from hard armour to the palm and little finger, with additional support from a hard foam knuckle bridge and to the fingers.

Price: £139.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: S - XXXXL

Dainese Jerico GTX

Amongst Dainese's waterproof offerings is the Jerico GTX glove. The cuff is formed of two parts; an elasticated inner and an outer, which is adjustable through a zip and a Velcro wrist strap. The topside of the glove is constructed of textile and the palm is leather.

The hand is armoured by carbon inserts to the knuckles with the little finger gaining extra support from Dainese's Distortion Control, offering further protection to the fragile small digit.

Price: £129.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: XS - XXL

Richa Arctic

The Richa Arctic has features that befit a glove double its price. The glove offers a tough, durable feel through its mixture of leather and textile in its build-up and is well enforced by Keprotec knuckle armour, along with reinforced padding to the palm. A waterproof element is achieved by a Hipora membrane and the glove is secured to the hand with an elasticated Velcro closure to the wrist and cuff.

Price: £69.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: S - XXXL

Furygan Vector

The Vector is a budget-priced glove from French firm Furygan. Made up of both textile and leather, the lightweight waterproof glove features hardened knuckle armour and reinforced padding to the palm. The Vector has two Velcro straps to fasten the glove and internally it has a thick thermal liner for comfort and warmth.

Price: £59.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: S - XXXL

Racer Aqua Novus

The Aqua Novus from Austrian manufacturer, Racer, is a waterproof and breathable glove put together with a combination of textile and leather materials. The Aqua Novus features a dual layered cuff and is fastened by a draw string with an additional Velcro strap at the wrist. Racer have applied a hard shell over the knuckles, Keprotec abrasion protection and Knox's trademarked Hand Armour protectors to protect the scaphoid bone at the wrist.

Price: £99.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: S - XXXL

Spidi NK3 H2Out

The Spidi NK3 is a textile/leather glove with a waterproof liner stitched in, allowing for a waterproof and breathable glove suitable for all weather conditions. Hand protection is limited to only two areas with hard padding across the knuckles and to the palm. Inside is a fleece lining, but the glove also features insulation similar to what you would find in sleeping bags. You secure the glove with a Velcro strap across the wrist and a draw string pull at the cuff.

Price: £99.99
Colours: Black/Grey, Black
Sizes: S - XXXL

Rukka Atlas

According to waterproof glove law, they should only be available in black and feature some sort of waterproof membrane. Rukka's Atlas has both of these, but also has the added bonus of being available in red. The Atlas is made up of a combination of leather and Cordura, and offers water and windproofing through a breathable Gore-Tex membrane.

The inside of the glove is treated to a thick, stitched-in fleece liner for added warmth. The hand is defended with hard armour placed across the knucles, to the palm and the little finger. There is also a visor wiper on the left thumb to remove any dirt and greasy residue kicked up in poor conditions.

Price: £129.99
Colours: Black, Red
Sizes: XXS - XXXL