Showcase: Visordown's Top 5 waterproof suits

New product showcase from Visordown

Dainese Hogan

Now I don’t want to sound biased, but anything that’s called ‘Hogan’ is surely onto a winner. In actual fact this is an incredibly thought out suit.

Huge calf zips are easy to get at, and the waist adjust is easy to get on with even when wearing thick gloves. The suit even opens to the knee to make it as easy as possible to get into.

The waist and chest has an inner hood that works really well, the poppers are a little fiddly but the overall feel of the suit is one of quality. It also comes in a handy bag with a waist strap.

Order a size bigger than all your usual riding clobber so that you can get it over your leathers. Available from XS-XXL

Price: £65

Hein Gericke Basic 2 rain suit

Hein Gericke Basic 2 rain suit

It’s called the basic and it is, but it’s a good suit.

It feels quite fitted without being restrictive thanks to simple use of elastic at the ankles and wrists rather than Velcro.

The pocket on the leg is a good idea, but I wouldn’t stash anything too important in there.

Welded seams feel incredibly strong.

A top value for money product.

Price: £44.99

Ixon R8.8

Ixon R8.8

The French have matched Dainese in terms of style with this suit.

The R8.8 actually looks good, is thoughtfully styled and has some really good features.

The collar is up to the job of keeping the elements out at the same time as being soft and stopping you from getting that irritating rash on your neck.

As well as handy elastic stirrups to prevent the legs from riding up the R8.8 has a bum bag and is available in either lined or unlined variants. If this was called the Hogan it would be the best suit here.

Price: £78.99

Richa overall rain suit

Richa overall rain suit

Plenty of colour will reassure those of you that want to be seen on a bike.

The suit is lightweight but doesn’t feel as robust as some of the others.

All of the suits on this test were ordered in the same large size, once into this one it did appear to have really long legs, but they were easily tucked away.

It might be worth going for one or two sizes bigger than you are to accommodate you plus kit, as the upper body is a little restrictive.

Price: £52.99

Weisse Over suit

Weisse Over suit

Fantastic value for the money suit that is really easy to step into with plenty of space to move around.

Elasticated waist, ankle and cuffs keep everything simple without compromising on comfort.

Reflective piping on the front and rear gives you a fighting chance of being seen, even though the suit is very black.

Long zips at the bottom of the legs allow you to get into the suit without taking your boots off and they feel up to plenty of abuse.

Also available with a thermal lining which, while bulky, feels incredibly warm.

Price: £39.99