Showcase: Visordown's Top 14 Leather sports jackets

New product showcase from Visordown

Alpinestars Indy

With styling to suit a do at a trendy nightspot, Alpinestars’ Indy has more than just looks.

The jacket has a long list of high-class features; durable, but lightweight, 1.1mm full grain leather, with removable CE certified Bio Armour in the elbows and shoulders and PE padding in the chest and back compartments.

The jacket includes  waist adjustment with a D-ring and a zip connection for Alpinestars leather and textile trousers.

If resembling an Imperial Stormtrooper is too much, the jacket does come in a more subtle black.

Price: ?£299.95

Arlen Ness LJ-8304-AN

Arlen Ness LJ-8304-AN

The Arlen Ness LJ-8304-AN has one of the least imaginable names of the leather jackets shown but this is not reflected in the racing inspired styling.

The jacket will hold up in an accident with perforated cow leather, shoulder and elbow protection and external protection with the company’s signature magnesium strip on the shoulder.

Available in black, red and blue.

On the practical side additional features include a removable lining and an internal mobile phone compartment.

Price: ?£349.99

Berik LJ8316

Berik LJ8316 ?

Looking like you’d just stepped off the grid, Berik’s LJ 8316 features all the regular finds on a racing one-piece suit.

It’s contructed from 1.4mm leather and features internal shoulder and elbow protection, with added external magnesium shoulder protection. It ?also features a removable inner lining, two internal and two external pockets to help you carry all your neccessaries.

It is bright though. Search and rescue won’t have much trouble finding you in this.

Price: £299.99

Bering Helium

Bering Helium

In subtle black with a very matt finish, Bering’s Helium jacket will fit in down the pub, but it’s built for the job on the road too.

Made from 1.2mm leather, it features Knox body armour in the elbows and shoulders and a removable thermal lining too.

A full-length waist zip allows you to connect these up with trousers. It features four outer zip pockets, an inner pocket and a mobile phone holder.

Question is, how much stuff do you need to cart around with you?

Price: ?£259.99

BKS Spyhnx

BKS Spyhnx

BKS has used 1.2-1.4mm cow hide to make this jacket.

There’s external plastic armour and internal CE approved armour on the shoulders and elbows, just like on their race suits.

Other nods to racing are the multiple micro-perforated and hole-punched leather panels and aerodynamic hump on the rear.

So all this weight saving and aerodynamic styling means you should make it to the pub car-park 0.01 seconds faster than your mates  who wear those ‘standard’ leather jackets.

Drinks on you, then.

Price: £399.99

Dainese Racing Pelle

Dainese Racing Pelle

Borrowing elements from Dainese’s renowned one-piece suits, with trademark aluminum inserts on the shoulders, this jacket has been designed with comfort and practicality in mind.

This does not mean it holds back in the protection department with armour and shock protection throughout.

Other characteristics include a trouser fastening system, waist adjustment and temperature adjustment with air vents in the sides.

Price: ?£399.99

Hein Gericke PSX Competition ?

Hein Gericke PSX Competition ?

Hein Gericke’s offering, the PSX Competition takes a simple retro-esque style and injects top notch SaS-Tec CE-approved back, shoulder and elbow protectors.

The jacket is constructed from 1.2mm full-grain calf leather, including an ergonomic ‘performance’ sporty fit, generous stretch panels in flex zones, washable lining and an all-round connecting zip.

Price: £259.99

Held Street ?

Held Street ?

Yes, it’s white, but it’s also available in black for those of a traditional disposition.

Made from a soft and supple leather and featuring CE-certified armour in the shoulders and elbows, with foam padding in the back too.

Plenty of stretch panels keep this jacket flexible, while the inner lining should keep you warm.

It has two internal pockets, just the right amount for carrying your phone, wallet, keys, fags, lighter, chewing gum, used earplugs, betting slip and petrol receipts.

Price: £219.99

Ixon Squall ?

Ixon Squall ?

Ixon’s entry the Squall has everything to expect from a mid-level leather jacket, with armour in the shoulders, arms and a foam back protector.

For added riding comfort the jacket is complimented with a neoprene high neck roll, pre-curved sleeves for the perfect on-bike positioning and air vents in the sleeves, to keep cool on a hot ride.

With practicality in mind the jacket also includes internal and external pockets, adjustable waist straps and a washable inner lining.

Price: £324

Rev’it Apollo

Rev’it Apollo

After two years in development the Rev’it Apollo appears on the market with extremely fine leather, laser perforated, and with extra panels for ventilation.

The jacket offers protection via ProLife CE armour in the shoulders and elbows and fully perforated EVA foam in the back. With a ‘race fit’ the jacket is adjustable at the waist with straps and includes short and long connection zips.

Price: £299.99

RST Razor ?

RST Razor ?

The RST Razor will appeal to the buyer on a budget but this does not mean the jacket lacks the spec of its more pricey counterparts.

Featuring 1.1-1.2mm premium leather with triple and double safety stitching in all the main impact areas.

With regard to armour the Razor comes with CE-approved armour in the shoulders and elbows, and a back protector as standard.

Price: £179.99

Spidi GP Kangaroo ?

Spidi GP Kangaroo ?

“What’s that Skippy?” “Tshee Tshee Tsh Tsheeee.” “Someone’s skinned the hide off your back! Crikey!”

The Spidi GP Kangaroo is priced close to that of an entry level one piece suit but the upper body protection far surpasses that. 

With internal back and chest protectors included alongside the Biomechanic armour in the elbow and shoulders this is a tough garment.

There’s even more high quality present in the leather construction with highly abrasion-resistant 0.9-1.0mm thick kangaroo hide.

“Poor old Skip. Never mind. He’ll be right.”

Price: £559.99

Spyke Motika GP

Spyke Motika GP

Spyke’s entry in the sport jacket field is the Motika GP made from full-grain cow leather with breathable perforations and extensive leather flex zones for stretch comfort.

The shoulders and elbows are well protected with CE-approved armour and there’s a pocket for a back protector. 

The inside of the jacket is made of a fixed Poly-mesh lining with removable ?thermal padding.

Price: ?£429.99

Weise Cyclone

Weise Cyclone

The Cyclone is Weise’s ?top-level jacket, made of 1.2-1.4mm thick leather with CE-approved armour on the shoulders, elbows and forearms.

With durable YKK zips, it includes a perforated leather panel at the front for ventilation and stretch panels in the shoulders, upper and inner arms and sides.

Price: ?£239.99