Showcase: Visordown's Top 13 Textile suits

New product showcase from Visordown

Alpinestars Scout

The Scout feels comfortable as soon as it’s worn for the first time.

All the armour sits where it should and is well proportioned. The collar that folds out of the jacket is a good idea, but it’s a bit fiddly to get it back in flat, otherwise it digs into your back.

Somewhat strangely, the main zip is the other way around to normal, being on the right rather than the left.

The whole thing feels well put together, and with a removable lining included the Scout could be worn all year round.

Price: Jacket - £259.95, Jeans - £189.99

Arlen Ness Dominator

Arlen Ness Dominator

While the suit is pretty comfortable to wear, the zip on the front seems to come up too far, making it uncomfortable to turn your head side to side.

The outside feels nice and padded and behind the removable lining in the jacket there’s a bubble mesh designed to keep the rider cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

No removable lining in the jeans, which could be an issue if used in the depths of winter or in driving rain. Does make them easier to get on and off though.

Price: Jacket - £249.99, Jeans - £149.99

Dainese D-System/Hooper

Dainese D-System/Hooper

Dainese have their own waterproofing system called D-Dry, which allows breathability to keep the wearer cool but stop water getting in.

Both the D-System jacket and Hooper jeans are equipped with this membrane. The fit is perfect – snug without being too tight - and both the jacket and jeans are easy to get on and off without a struggle.

There are plenty of zip-up vents all over the jacket and loads of large pockets inside and out. The lining feels that little more deluxe than other suits.

Price: Jacket - £349.99, Jeans - £156.58

Gear Euro Tour

Gear Euro Tour

Complicated opening procedure, but once you manage to get into it everything feels incredibly snug.

It gives the impression that it would keep out all kinds of weather. Adjustment is available on wrists, arms, waist and ankles.

Pockets on the front of the jacket are Velcro rather than zips so they’re easy to use when in a hurry. No hip or back protectors, but shoulder, elbow and knee armour fits well.

Amazingly low price for all the features included, and the fit is exceptional for budget kit.

Price: Jacket - £89.99, Jeans - £69.99

Hein Gericke Nagano/Atlas

Hein Gericke Nagano/Atlas

Less adventure, more all-year-round style to this combination.

Double zips on the wrists allow plenty of adjustment while there’s a removable lining throughout. Not as comfortable to wear as other suits, the neck and wrists felt very tight unless unzipped a little, which could be a problem if it’s cold.

A 360° zip connects the jacket to trousers to keep the weather out, and although  the jeans only come with knee armour there is a pocket for hip armour to be added.

Price: Jacket - £229.99, Jeans - £179.99

Ixon Specious/Victorious

Ixon Specious/Victorious

Initially the Specious/Victorious has the feel about it of a far more expensive outfit.

It immediately feels comfortable all over with no areas irritating and all the armour sitting where it should.

There is a lack of pockets compared to the others here, but there’s plenty of adjustability to ensure a draft-free fit. No hip armour, but then that only makes them more comfy to wear.

Handily, there’s a long zip over the calf to get boots underneath without any problems. Pretty colourful for winter wear, too.

Price: Jacket - £179.99, Jeans - £156.99

Rev’It Cayenne Pro

Rev’It Cayenne Pro

For such a thick suit, the Cayenne doesn’t feel bulky and is flexible and comfortable in all the right areas.

Rev’It have hit upon the clever idea of making the jeans in three different lengths so you can find the exact size to fit.

Another system they have is to use two linings in both the jacket and jeans – one for water proofing and the other for warmth - making the Cayenne suitable for year round use.

Loads of pockets make this a good looking and practical suit.

Price: Jacket - £349.99, Jeans - £249.99

Richa Adventure

Richa Adventure

The most noticeable thing about the Adventure is how warm it gets inside – a good omen for the colder months, and as the lining is easily removable it should be good on warmer days too.

Zips can rub on the wrists a bit if gloves are worn over the top, but as most will be worn underneath it’s not much of a problem.

Feet can get caught up in the jean’s lining which can make getting them on and off tricky.

Stretch panels around the knees give a good fit when on the bike.

Price: Jacket - £199.99, Jeans - £159.99

Richa Carmargue

Richa Carmargue

The lining doesn’t feel as plush as some of the others and the wrist closures can be a bit difficult as they’re poppers rather than Velcro.

Not many pockets, but it feels a sportier combination than many with a nice close fit, a good size back protector included and stretch panels above the knees aiding comfort.

The lining has its own separate zip to make sure the rider is completely covered. With it’s sportier style, the Carmargue would be useful as an all year round outfit.

Price: £199.99

RST Rift

RST Rift

A suit that gets warm quickly, it has a lightweight feeling jacket that looks quite bulky.

The armour digs in a little at the shoulders, the front pockets can be difficult to get to with gloved hands and the lining in the jeans was easy to get feet caught up in.

The suit wasn’t too bad when being worn, none of the edges around cuffs and collar rubbed or irritated at all, but it wasn’t as snug or comfortable as the more expensive outfits.

All the stitching looks good however.

Price: Jacket - £119.99, Jeans - £89.99

Spada Adventure

Spada Adventure

The Adventure suit is appropriately named, with so many pockets for travel essentials it’s difficult to find a use for them all.

The jacket has shoulder and elbow armour as well as a large back protector.

The arms, legs and waist are all adjustable, which means the whole outfit can be made to feel really comfortable.

The soft armour in the hips means manoeuvrability is easy.

The double front zip can be a bit awkward but the Adventure offers great quality for the price.

Price: Jacket - £124.99, Jeans - £104.95

Weise Dynastar 2

Weise Dynastar 2

A real heavy-duty feel to the Dynastar gives loads of confidence about its crash protective qualities as well as its ability to keep warm in the depths of winter.

The sleeves contain an inner cuff that fits closely around the wrist to keep out any cold breezes, but it can be tricky to get arms back out afterwards.

Loads of adjustability all-round to create the best possible fit, including on the neck, arms, cuffs, and waist. Plenty of features included for what isn’t an expensive suit.

Price: Jacket - £199.99, Jeans - £149.99

Wolf Titanium

Wolf Titanium

The jacket feels light to wear and not restrictive in any way with plenty of adjustability all over.

Forearm armour feels a bit strange though – almost as if it’s too wide for the jacket. Shoulder armour is chunky and protective without being obtrusive.

Outlast technology is employed in the Titanium, which is claimed to work to regulate the atmosphere around the rider’s skin to keep them comfortable in any conditions. The removable lining in the jeans is thick –  great for colder days.

Price: Jacket - £224.99, Jeans - £179.99