Showcase: Visordown's Top 11 Textile jackets

New product showcase from Visordown

Alpinestars T Stunt Air Flo

Alpinestars are known for their modern designs, and this jacket would be no different, but the white just looks wrong here.

In a darker, less eye-catching colour the Air Flo could look pretty neat. Gaze beyond the outer shell though and the usual Astars quality shines through.

The jacket is really lightweight with lots of vented breathable areas. There’s a removable lining, comfortable armour that has a good fit, and soft stretchy cuffs. But all that white will get filthy in no time, and there’s a slightly shapeless look to the jacket.

Price: £189.95

BMW AirFlow

BMW AirFlow

While the Dainese Panama might seem tough and strong, this is on a different level entirely.

The size of the back protector is ridiculously large for a textile jacket, considering it runs from collar to waist and is about an inch thick. The outer material feels like it means business too, and would probably do more damage to the tarmac than the other way around in a crash.

Two enormous pockets on the front. All the spec is great, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of some of the other jackets here.

Price: £290

Clover Airtech 2

Clover Airtech 2

Light feeling summer jacket, without a removable thermal lining, so perfect for those hot summer days.

Small back protector included in jacket. Adjustable wrists and waist. Two outer zips which open for extra breathable vents.

Strange style to the jacket, it’s a light and airy summer jacket that looks more like its come out of the BMW adventure catalogue for around the world Charley/Ewan wannabes.

Mint green and brown combination isn’t particularly appealing to the eye. Plenty of large pockets though, and well proportioned armour.

Price: £160

Dainese Panama

Dainese Panama

A pretty hefty number this, as when it’s picked up the armour and padding can immediately be felt.

Nice and comfortable straight from the off, with the shoulder and forearm armour fitting nicely and being unobtrusive. Great style, good cut.

The removable lining is a bit of a pain to remove and fit, as the cuff connections are incredibly small loops that make hooking them in to the sleeves overly difficult.

Little touches like a soft collar lining make the difference between a cheap and expensive textile jacket, and this one feels really well put together. Good job.

Price: £199.99

Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster range of clothing is more casual than other bike gear.

Whilst no protection is included in the jacket, it has been designed so it can be worn with body armour underneath. With the jacket lacking armour it is incredibly light.

A really simple design, but as it has ‘Ducati’ emblazoned on it will appeal to more fashion conscious riders. It’s plenty practical too, with three good-sized pockets on the outside, and one on the inside, also included is an adjustable waist.

No removable lining though, so don’t expect to keep too warm in the British winter.

Price: £160.75

Frank Thomas Luffield

Frank Thomas Luffield

The Luffield looks great – a really understated classic design.

A thick removable lining graces the jacket and allows access to the inside pocket. Soft adjustable cuffs have a zip for extra venting at the wrists.

The shoulder armour is a snug fit, but the forearm protection feels a little wide and doesn’t fit close to the arms. The main zip is nice and chunky, but the neck closure popper is a bit awkward.

Breathable panels opened and closed by zips, so it’s a jacket that can be worn all year round. Overall, a good effort.

Price: £99.98

Furygan Orona 2

Furygan Orona 2

The Orona 2 feels fantastic to put on, real quality from the French.

The removable lining is thick and comfortable. All zips are large and easy to use even with a gloved hand.

Similar to many of the garments here, adjustability for the cuffs and forearms is present for a close fit, but there are fewer breathable panels than many.

Lots of pockets surround the wearer, with plenty of space for carrying a wallet and a phone. Shoulder armour is comfortable, forearm armour feels obtrusive at first but isn’t noticed after a while.

Price: £145

Furygan UK: 01604 811 965

Racer Cool Down

Racer Cool Down

Rather than having a removable lining, the outside is the removable part.

Hidden in the back is a lightweight waterproof covering that simply pulls out and is worn over top. It’s a brilliant idea, and the process for getting it on and off is incredibly simple.

So light its difficult to tell its being worn. Massive breathable areas on the inside of the arms and on the sides of the torso allow for cooling on hot days.

As the jacket is so light there are a few questions over abrasion resistance. Logo on the chest is a bit naff.

Price: £109.99

Gear Hyper 2110

Gear Hyper 2110

A classic look that might be considered dull, but loud graphics have been going out of fashion in recent years and this fits the bill.

From 10 paces it even looks like a standard leather jacket. Thick lining keeps the warmth in and the whole jacket is waterproof.

Adjusting straps on forearms and around waist, but no ventilated panels on the jacket, so likely to be hot in warm weather. Plenty of pockets inside and out. Comfortable, although there is a slight rubbing at the back of the neck.

Price: £79.99

RST Ventilator

RST Ventilator

Like having three jackets in one – summer, rainy, cold layers are present.

All removable with either zips or poppers. It’s a bit of a hassle to put on if all 3 layers are being used as they all zip up down the front.

Really comfortable when all layers are worn together, but with the inner layers removed, the jacket isn’t as snug, with the chunky armour digging in to shoulders and rubbing on elbows.

A back protector is included. Lots of adjustability on arms and around waist for a better fit. Large pockets but conservative, plain design.

Price: £199.99

Wolf Freestyle

Wolf Freestyle

A wicked looking jacket, black with gold text looks great, especially up against more garish designs that would look appropriate on a 90’s GSX-R.

The Freestyle is  slightly more cold weather orientated, with zips being covered with flaps to keep the rain off. There is a removable lining, which when taken out gives the jacket much more of a summer feel.

The armour, which includes a decent sized back protector, is well fitting.

No perforated breathable panels, so when it gets super-hot like it has been of late it can be something of an issue.

Price: £149.99