Showcase: Disc locks

Seven disc locks to arm your motorcycle against thieves

A thief can steal your motorcycle in just 20 seconds. See this article on why a steering lock is not enough.

A disc-lock, although not the ultimate in security, is a great way to massively reduce the chances of your motorcycle being stolen. Firstly, it acts as a visual deterrent, meaning the thief is much more likely to move to the next - easier - target. Secondly, it stops your motorcycle being easily wheeled away. Thirdly, it's portable, meaning you're much more likely to carry it and use it.

You can spend from under £20 up to around £200 on a disc-lock. No matter what you spend, they'll all act as a visual deterrent. More expensive disc-locks usually feature stronger security, alarms and more spare keys. We’ve put together a selection of products that'll all help reduce the chances of your motorcycle being stolen.

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Xena X1

The cheapest in the showcase at £19, the Xena X1 has a quick and easy-to-use push and lock mechanism. Once on the disc, the dual arm construction of the X1 makes it awkward for a would-be-thief to attempt to remove it.

Price: £19
Weight: 500g
Number of keys: 3
What's included: N/A
White, black, yellow, orange

Abus Provogue 300

From Abus’ Provogue series, the 300 model is simple to use with an easy one-handed click mechanism. The lock is secured with a 10mm hardened alloy steel locking bolt.

Price: £25.33
Weight: 625g
Number of keys: 2
What's included: Carry case
White, chrome, gold, red, black

Oxford Patriot

The compact Oxford Patriot disc lock is attached to a bike with a 14mm shackle pin, with the turn of a key locking it in place.

Price: £46.99
Weight: 550g
Number of keys: 3
What's included: Lock carry bracket

Abus Detecto RS2 7000

The Detecto 7000RS2 is the first of the disc locks to come with an alarm system. The £69.33 lock is operated with Abus’ patented “Snap’n Go” system allowing the Detecto to be secured on to the disc with one hand, once closed on the disc the alarm is automatically activated. An 110dB alarm will emit should the bike be forcibly moved.

Price: £69.33
Number of keys: 2
What's included: reminder cable, carry case
Red, yellow

Xena XX14

The curved appearance of the £70 XX14 from Xena is more than just for aesthetic reasons, the design has a function as it is claimed to be more resistant to an attack from a hacksaw. Alongside the solid construction, the XX14 has an 110dB alarm and a 14mm locking pin.

Price: £70
Weight: 625g
Number of keys: 3
What's included: Battery

Oxford Monster

Oxford’s Monster lock is the most domineering of the pack featured here. Costing £119.99, the main construction of the Monster is a 11mm hardened alloy steel shackle and once attached to a disc the lock features two hardened steel bolts within a double locking mechanism.

Price: £119.99
Weight: 725g
Number of keys: 3
What's included: Reminder cable, carry case and lock lube
Black, yellow

RoadLok Anti-theft system

At the top end of the price range at £199.99, the RoadLok is a different spin on the disc lock model. The main bulk of the lock is permanently attached to the brake caliper of the bike and a pin is placed through a port, looking the system. Click here for a look at the anti-theft system fitted.

Price: £199.99
Weight: 100g (pin) 400g (bracket)
Number of keys: 2
What's included: Mounting kit, protective plug