Schuberth S2: a helmet for everyone

Schuberth's new all-round helmet is quietly efficient

With the new S2 helmet, Schuberth have made a move to fill a gap in their model range. Currently their helmet line-up works from the open face C3 aimed at the touring market across to the race orientated SR1. The S2 fits in the gap between these two helmets, opening the German firm to the sports rider who does a bit of everything: commuting, touring, quick road riding and the occasional track day.

To create the gap filler Schuberth dedicated 22 months and 10,000 man-hours from the concept to the final model. It’s with timeframe that will see the manufacturer aim to introduce two new helmets each year (the next helmet is expected later this year, with an unveiling ahead of the Intermot show).

Replacing the S1 PRO the S2 - along with Schuberth’s current range - moves away from the old German design ethos to give them more of an international flavour, so to appeal to a wider audience. There is logic to the design with substance added to the style, as the S2 was developed within Schubeth’s own wind tunnel. The result equals what Schubeth claim is a high standard in aerodynamics and aero-acoustics.

Most noticeable is the spoiler skirting around the shell of the S2, it not only gives the helmet an aggressive look similar to a DTM racer, but also acts to keep the helmet stable at high speed. Increasing the downforce to reduce buffeting and lift, this should relieve the strain on neck muscles and make it easier to move your head around.

Along with the comfortable and snug padding inside the S2, Schuberth are also looking to maintain their reputation for quiet acoustics. With further wind tunnel testing the helmet recorded a claimed 85 decibels at 62mph. They stated that their competitors helmets produced around 90-95dB.

Optimising the wind tunnel for development meant the German firm paid consideration to the ventilation system. Through large front and rear vents the air is siphoned through the helmet, with a buckets worth of air dispersing out the rear every second at 62mph.

Schuberth focus on the idea of protecting the brain as their priority and with this in mind their helmets are created to disperse energy from a blow through deformation rather than being entirely rigid. Through the shell and multi-density EPS, Schuberth say that the S2 has the perfect ratio between stiffness, lightness and rigidity, allowing it to keep the head safe and reduce the risk of concussion.

Continuing with the moulded EPS of the S2, the helmet also has two integrated antennas for Bluetooth and radio reception, a feature that will be popular amongst touring riders and commuters.

Other features of the S2 include a seatbelt enclosure with an anti-roll strap to keep the helmet secured to the head in a crash and an additional ratchet system that allows the helmet strap to have a tailored fit more akin to D-Rings. The visor system boasts a Pinlock system and an integrated sun visor; an interesting extra is a row of small raised points on the visor called 'Turbulators', which act as an anti-whistle device, eradicating that irritating noise when riding with the visor partly opened.

Upon reflection with the combination of proven aerodynamics, low noise level, huge vents, integrated antennas and more in its long list of features, along with low-weight of 1,450g, the S2 could be the helmet that opens up Schuberth to the masses. But through visiting Schuberth's factory in Magdeburg and seeing the pride and devotion that came with piecing together the 125 parts that make up the S2, it was clear to see the dedication that the German manufacturer puts into protecting your head.

The S2 will retail at £449.99 for plain and matt colours and 499.99 for the designs. The helmet is available now through TranAm.