Royal Enfield unveils new accessory range

New line revealed at Goodwood Revival

ROYAL Enfield unveiled a preview of its new apparel and accessory range at Goodwood Revival this weekend.

The new range is inspired by despatch riders of the Great Wars and includes a mix of riding gear and lifestyle accessories and apparel.

George Brown, a 92-year-old former despatch rider from World War two, was guest of honour and unveiled the new line.

Known as Don’Rs, despatch riders like George were military messengers who used motorcycles to deliver urgent messages between headquarters and military units.  Having developed a passion for bikes at 16 years old, George joined the Royal Corps of Signals as a Don R in early 1941. He carried out his role for five years and travelled around Europe to deliver messages during the war.

He said: ‘As a motorcycle enthusiast, it has been my pleasure to help unveil the new range, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I used to ride a Royal Enfield during the way, so seeing an identical Royal Enfield to what I rode as a despatch rider, as well as the new accessory range has stirred a lot of memories from my younger days.’

Abhijit Singh Brar, Head of Marketing at Royal Enfield, said: ‘Much like our motorcycles, this collection revives authentic design and timeless styling for contemporary audiences. The collection explores Royal Enfield’s rich motorcycling heritage and in particular its history with the traditions of despatch riders.’

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