Rossi and Oakley join forces

I chose to work with Oakley because they share my ambitious nature says the GOAT

Valentino Rossi has joined the Oakley family as a brand ambassador. One of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, Rossi respects the unbeatable performance and unrivaled style of Oakley eyewear.

“Valentino’s thirst for adrenalin fits the Oakley brand perfectly,” said Scott Bowers, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Development at Oakley. “He continually pushes performance to the limit, and he respects the fact that we earned our authenticity by doing the same. In all the sports that demand the best vision possible, world-class athletes depend on Oakley eyewear technology for the ultimate in performance and protection. Valentino respects and appreciates that fact.

In addition to his record-breaking successes, he is known for his outgoing nature, and Oakley style speaks to his unique personality. We are honored that he has joined us to serve as a brand ambassador,” Bowers concluded.

TV journalists refer to Rossi as “The Greatest of All Time.” He is known for putting impossibly high expectations on himself, as well as his equipment. “I chose to work with Oakley because they share my ambitious nature,” said Rossi. “Their focus on technology and innovation is what makes the quality of Oakley products so exceptional.”

Rossi’s current favorite is Oakley’s Holbrook sunglass. He is working with the company’s designers to develop his own version of the classic style, and it will be known as the V46 Signature Holbrook. As brand ambassador, Rossi will be the face of the company’s Icon campaign in Italy and Spain.