R&G drop-proof Triumph Speed Triple

With a host of R&G crash protection the Speed Triple is now severely crash damage resistant

Over the years R&G have been the brand known for being the originators of crash protecting bolt-ons. I asked them for a stack of products to fit to the 2011 Speed Triple to see what difference they make.

The thing about modern day sports tyres is they offer huge grip when fully leant over, but we are often too nervous to make the most of this, simply because the British road surfaces are changeable and largely unpredictable.

Weather, visibility and traffic permitting with an R&G protected bike I will happily use 95% of the tyres lean angle. Knowing that if I did run over a spot of random gravel the bike won't end up sitting at the side of the road with a cracked engine case, broken levers and mashed bodywork. The peace of mind of knowing that the bike is protected allows me to chill out a tad and really enjoy riding.

After an hour of simply bolting the R&G bits on, the Speed Triple was decked with Aero crash bobbins front and rear, lower engine case sliders and engine case covers, plus fork protectors left and right and two thick black radiator guards.

The Aero bobbins are R&G's latest design, they fit in minutes and offer visually obvious protection. I’m particularly pleased with the radiator guards (never thought i would say that) They cover the 'ugly when used' standard dirty looking radiator with a heavy duty thick gloss black shiny mesh that always cleans up like new.

More recently R&G have started producing other products like heated grips, shock covers and tail tidys - the latter of which I will be fitting next week.

The RRP for all of these products was £362. If you want bar end and exhaust sliders then that will take the RRP to £467, which is a damn site cheaper than replacing the petrol tank/radiator/exhaust/pegs/levers and risking a damaged frame.

You can check out the R&G products for your bike here

If you do track days or just ride on the road these are great investment