Review: TCX S-Speed Waterproof boots - £149.99

Mega comfy, good quality waterproof boots. Squeaky though.

THIS is my second pair of TCX boots. I had my first pair (SS Sports) for five years, and only stopped wearing them after I crashed in them.

Enter their replacements - the TCX S-Speed Waterproofs – a road/track boot with a waterproof lining. I’ve been using these on a daily basis for the past two months and so far they’ve been ideal as the weather gets worse.

In terms of protection, they're well equipped. At the rear, there’s a tough polyurethane heel guard and TCX’s Torsion Control System, which is designed to allow a good range of movement while supporting the ankle in a crash – good stuff.

What’s less good is the noise it makes – walking in these boots is a squeaky affair; I sound like a gate that needs oiling. Although that’s a little embarrassing at the petrol station, I’d only be dissuaded from wearing these if I regularly had to wear them all day off the bike.

The shin area is protected with a polyurethane panel. It’s vented and tough, but a bit bulbous, so if you often ride in jeans, check they fit over the top easily enough, or you’ll need to borrow your dad’s old disco denim.

The area in front of the toes is reinforced and sturdy. The grippy sole is quite thick, as is the heel – hopefully that bodes well for longevity.

Construction quality is very good. Most of the panels and protective elements are double stitched to the microfiber exterior and after two months of use, there’s no untimely wearing or broken parts.

With ‘waterproof’ in the name, I expect the S-Speed Waterproofs to be just that. I’ve worn them during hour-long rides in unbroken torrential rain, all-day jaunts punctuated with showers, and numerous trips under the blankets of thick drizzle that remind me why England so is great. So far, they’ve kept my feet completely dry.

I still wanted to find out how watertight they are so filled my bath with enough water to cover the top of my foot and spent 10 minutes standing in the water, intensely studying the quality of my grouting (it’s top class work, in case you wondered). The waterproof lining held up, but after six minutes, some moisture was able to find a way past the toe slider screws to create a small damp patch on my socks, so it's conceivable that during riding water could get in. I'll update this review if that happens. At the moment though, I’m not overly concerned with experiencing wet feet because during real world use, my feet have stayed dry every time these boots have been put to the test . 

Comfort is impressive straight from the box. The lining gives a soft, snug and warm feeling fit. Movement is good too – thanks in main to the silver accordion panel at the front, which allows the boot to bend easily.

The zip and Velcro closure means getting the S-Speed Waterproofs on and off is quick and simple. The zip stows out of the way behind a flap covered in a suede effect material that won’t mark the bike.

They might be a bit squeaky, but otherwise I can’t knock these boots; they're well priced and well made with good safety features and high levels of comfort, plus they've kept my feet dry every time I've ridden with them in the rain. Providing I don’t fall off while wearing them, I expect the S-Speed Waterproofs to last as long as my previous pair of TCXs.

Tested: TCX S-Speed Waterproof boots

Price: £149.99

Contact: TCX Boots, Nevis

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