Review: Sidi Xtreme SRS boots - £299.99 : By Kane Dalton

Review: Sidi Xtreme SRS boots - £299.99 : By Kane Dalton

New multi-functional off-road boots from Sidi

THE XTREME SRS is Sidi’s new mid-level off-road boot, which comes with some pro-level features, albeit without the price tag to match.

Sidi says the Xtreme SRS has been developed from its work with the likes of Tony Cairoli and the 'SRS' stands for Sole Replacement, which is the Xtreme’s USP. Being able to replace the sole gives the Xtreme SRS a wide range of potential applications and changing the sole is all that’s required to make it a motocross boot, supermoto boot, or a rugged adventure boot.  

Changing the sole is as simple as unscrewing it and replacing it with the one that suits what you’re doing and new soles cost around £31.99.

And it’s not just the  X-treme’s sole that’s replaceable – every part of it is.

The hinged ankle support makes movement on the bike smooth and easy but gives good support from side impacts.

Protecton also comes from the fact it covers the calf area so it should be able to fend off branches and trail debris, and prevent footpegs hurting the lower leg in the event of a crash.

This external structure is designed to help prevent breaks or twists and also offers protection for. I’ve had a couple of spills while wearing these – with my leg getting hit by a bike on one occasion and it getting trapped between the bike and some rocks on another. Both times the boots took the brunt of the fall/impact and my foot and leg were unscathed.

The replaceable micro-adjustable cam lock buckle system is easy to adjust for a custom fit. The Xtreme feels particularly secure when putting weight through the foot peg and because my feet didn’t move around inside the boots, it made foot placement feel nice and accurate.

Initially I found the Xtreme SRS really tight around my ankles and feet and they did require some break-in time, although after a day’s riding, they felt better and have continued to get better with use. The level of adjustability from the buckes also ensures a good, comfy fit is easy to achieve.

The plastics display some nice attention to detail. On the inside of the boot there is some extra protection where your foot tends you bash against the clutch cover of engine casing. The plastic is thicker and has a textured look and feel, which offers grip to the inside of the foot.

Comfort comes from the a removable arch support – useful if, like me, you’ve got a high arch. It makes the boots more supportive when walking and the liner is comfortable too.

The bridge of the boot has the same textured padding to protect the toe and top of the foot from any bruising you can get changing gears. I found this padding comfortable and it did the job well.

They also seem to stand up to water suite well – I’ve worn them in water and mud, after coming to a standstill in a deep puddle, I was pleased that my feet were kept dry; these aren’t billed as waterproof boots.

All in all, the Sidi Xtreme SRS is a good looking boot with good supportive and protective features and I’ve found it to be a reassuring off-road boot.

Tested: Sidi Xtreme SRS boots

Price: £299.99

Contact: Feridax / Sidi