Review: Sidi Vortice boots - £299.99

Versatile boots with a decent range of protective features and a very good fit once you get the hang of the fastening system

THE CE-certified Sidi Vortice boot has been designed to replace the Vertigo Corsa, which is likely why they look similar, although the new Vortice has a selection of new features (and that Italian styling I’m a sucker for).

Thanks to the external protection system, I always think Sidi’s boots look quite distinctive, and the Vortice is no exception. It includes two anti-impact shock absorbers running down each side of the boot, deigned to offer ankle protection. This external structure is designed to help prevent breaks or twists, but the trade-off is that the Vortice is quite stiff.

Every part of the Vortice is replaceable, including the sole, which offers good grip on standard foot pegs and great grip on race rearsets. The large heel is one of those replaceable parts and is meant to act as a shock absorber during a crash. I’m all for a replaceable heel but I have noticed that it can catch on my pillion pegs because I have my rearsets set really high. It’s not a problem – but is something you might want to consider if you have your rearsets setup in a race position.

The Vortice’s fastening system allows you to adjust and tighten the boot around your instep, shin and calf to make it fit firmly and comfortably in place. The Vortice feels particularly secure when putting weight through it on the foot peg and because my feet didn’t move around inside the boots, it made foot placement feel nice and accurate. The system gave me a snug fit from straight out of the box and the Vortice fitted well over a few different sets of leathers plus I could get them to easily fit under several different pairs of Kevlar jeans.

The back of the Vortice opens up like a hinge, making it easy to get your feet in and out of. This is good but the fastening system that allows for such a tailored fit means securing the Vortice takes time because there four clasps/clips to sort out before the boot is done up properly.

All the boots I’ve owned have taken a little breaking in and the Vortice is no exception – as well as being stiff to begin with, the Vortice was also on the tight side but has got better with use.

There are closable vents on the toe and outside of the foot. My race boots are fully perforated so if I get caught out in the rain, it’s never long before I’ve got wet feet. The inclusion of closable vents on the Vortice gives it more versatility than a typical race boot because you can choose to shut out cold air and hopefully some rain. With the vents open, I got great airflow through the boot and it was nice to be able to close them to keep my feet warm and dry – although this a sports boot so it’s not waterproof, it just has a bit more protection from the elements than a typical race boot.

The insole has a removable arch support and as I have a high foot arch, having an insole with extra support made the boot more comfortable for me and made it more supportive when walking. The liner is comfortable too.

The exterior is made of something called Lorica, which looks like a leather but is lighter and offers better moisture protection. I’ve found the Vortice has been resistant to scuffs and marking.

Originally I had these boots in my usual size but found that one size up was a better fit (by the way, I don’t have freakishly big toes, webbed feet or bunions).

The Vortice is a good looking boot with supportive and protective features to make it reassuring on road and track. Because of the fitment system, it takes a few minutes get on and adjust but it’s worth it because it the Vortice a comfortable boot that fits really well on the foot. All the technical features – the clasps, ratchets and dials make me think of it as being a bit like an advanced ski boot with space age looks.

Tested: Sidi Vortice boots

Price: £299.99

Contact: Feridax

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