Review: RST Tractech Evo II jacket - £269.99

Review: RST Tractech Evo II jacket - £269.99

Looking for a great value leather jacket? Look no further.

AT THE MOMENT, when it’s time to go for a ride, the coat hook that holds my RST Tractech Evo II leather jacket will usually get some time off.

I’m using the Tractech Evo II near-daily right now because it’s a comfortable, well-fitting and well-made leather jacket that’s also a lot cheaper than similarly specced offerings from many other brands.

During the four months I’ve been wearing this on a near daily basis, there hasn’t been a day when I’ve thought that it’s lacking something.

It offers all the protection you’d expect thanks to a 1.1-1.3mm-thick cowhide exterior and CE-approved shoulder and elbow armour, plus a CE back protector. The external shoulder armour feels tough and reassuring, although I reckon it’s a little on the large side – it reminds me of NFL shoulder armour. Having said that, with the jacket on, I feel like that part of my body is well protected.

I’ve had no issues with quality either and the stiches all look solid and precisely er... stitched and nothing has frayed, worn, bent or given up on me.

Temperature-wise, it’s reasonably cool too. The perforated area in front of the stomach allows some cooling air in, but when it’s really hot, this isn’t the breeziest leather jacket I’ve worn and more perforations further up the chest would definitely work wonders in warm weather. The Tractech Evo II also comes with a comfortable and removable thermal gilet so when it’s cold out, you’ve got an additional layer of insulation at your disposal.

It’s reasonably cool too, and this time I’m taking about the way it looks. I opted for the red and white colour scheme, but the Tractech Evo II is available in a wide range of colours that are sure to match your bike (or those dishy blue eyes of yours).

Comfort isn't lacking either – it fits nicely and sits well on me. It doesn’t move around, ride up or have an irritating collar and it doesn’t do anything to restrict or hinder movement in any way. But I have got one gripe – the arms zip together at the wrists with a flat-lock zip, over which sits useless rubber and Velcro tab. The tab doesn’t add anything over what the zip does and if the rubber sits over the end of the neoprene cuff, it can be irritating with gloves on because it can butt up against the wrist closure of my gloves, which is annoying, so I end up having to wiggle the cuff around to get it to sit nicely – something I wouldn’t have to do if the tab wasn’t present.

The adjustable waistband is useful for getting the fit you want and inside there’s a zip to attach the Tractech Evo II to the the namesake trousers, so it can be used on track as well, and I'd feel happy wearing this on a cricuit.

A couple of internal pockets provide space to stash a phone, wallet and fags (althouth it's all vapourizers these days, innit), and the zip-up external side pockets are similarly useful, but could do with longer zips because they can occasionally be awkward to grab under the flaps of leather that cover them.

If you’re on the hunt for a quality leather jacket but don’t have a huge budget, you’d do well to look at the Tractech Evo II jacket because it’s well endowed with good comfort and protection and is great value for money.

Tested: RRST Tractech Evo II jacket

Price: £269.99

Contact: RST Moto