Review: Furygan RG-18 gloves - £69.99

Review: Furygan RG-18 gloves - £69.99

Nice feeling, comfortable and inexpensive entry level race gloves, but not as snug as I'd like

THESE CE-approved  Furygan RG-18s are an entry-level race glove and being a race gauntlet, I wear them for racing in. Well, the daily the traffic light TT.

They’re comfortable because the leather is supple and gives good feel on the bars but the fit isn’t tight enough for my liking - I’d like it if they were slightly more snug around my fingers. It's one of the few occasions when i was reminded of the RG-18s bargain price.

The palm is pre-shaped and made from goat leather and these gloves feature an Aramid lining to supplement the abrasion resistance on offer from the leather exterior. Don’t think that makes them too warm, they’re nicely vented and a benefit of the fact that they aren’t super tight against my fingers is that air moves around them really well, so they're good on hot days.

Less impressive is what happened to me when I got caught out in a heavy downpour with these on a couple of weeks ago: when I took them off, the tips of my fingers were covered in blackish-purple dye that took a couple of days to completely wash off.

The area between the wrist and knuckle feels a bit too exposed for my liking and although it’s protected by leather and Aramid fibre, visually there’s not much going in in this area – the cuff, which isn’t bulky or armoured, doesn’t extend into it and neither does the knuckle armour.

Speaking of which, I think that the knuckle protectors look massive, but hopefully that means they'll do well in a crash and I like that fact that there’s a small space under where they sit – it’s somewhere to put my earplugs.

Helped by the elastic in the cuff, the main cuff closure is less fiddly than some gloves I’ve got and the cuffs easily sit over all my jackets and leathers. The main closure is joined by a wrist closure and with both done up, the RG-18s feel secure and comfortable.

Tested: Furygan RG-18 gloves

Price: £69.99

Sizes: S – 3XL

Colours: Black / white and black

Contact: Nevis, Furygan