Review: Duchinni Milan women's boots, £89.99

Practical women's boots that work just as well off the bike

DUCHINNI'S Milan women's boots are an ankle length, leather bike boot with a Cuban heel.

Life is full of compromises and I was looking for a waterproof boot that offered decent protection but also functioned practically and stylishly off the bike.

Previously I was wearing full-length bike boots into town and then changing into trainers when I arrived because the boots were too clumpy to walk around in. It was a pain to always carry a second set of shoes, so the Milan boots save a lot of hassle and lugging.

The Cuban heel isn't too high but at five feet four inches I sometimes need a bit of lift. It also gives me more confidence getting my feet planted on the ground at a standstill – we're only talking an inch or so but it makes a real difference.

The leather is thick and – touch wood – although I haven't tested its abrasion resistance I've got total confidence in the hide and the stitching. What's more the boots are waterproof, which is great at this price.

I've had a few soakings in the recent downpours. I still don't much like riding in the heavy rain but at least I don't have soggy socks to worry about. Remember these are only ankle length boots and on the bike your trousers can rise up, letting the rain water in.

Previously I only ever wore bike boots while I was on a bike, so never had them on my feet for long periods of time. That's all changed these days and I've worn the Milan boots for upwards of eight hours at a stretch. My feet felt comfortable all day.

The leather was quite rigid during the first few weeks but it's softened nicely and my toes and the boots have found a happy co-existence. One complaint is that my feet get rather hot, even on cooler days. Perhaps this is inevitable given the waterproofing and thick leather.

In my month with the boots I've had a niggle with the zip. Over time it starts to ride down and three or four times a day I notice it's unzipped itself. Perhaps a clasp at the top of the boot would solve this.

Also, check the sizing carefully, particularly if you're buying online. I always wear size 36 (UK 3) but these were too tight and I had to replace with a size 37. Yes, I know I've got tiny feet.

If you're looking at touring, then I'd recommend a taller boot offering more protection. But for urban riding and commuting, these offer a good compromise between protection and practicality - and they look great.

Tested: Duchinni Milan boots

Total price: £89.99

Colours: black


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