PMJ Legend motorcycle jeans review

PMJ Legend motorcycle jeans review

Motorcycle jeans that actually look good

LOADS of motorcycle jeans look terrible, like baggy dad jeans from the supermarket in a too-bright shade of blue.

It defeats the point of wearing them. You want to change out of them when you arrive anyway, so you might as well be in standard motorcycle gear.

These are a bit different, which is why I like them.

They’re hand-made, according to the manufacturer, PMJ, with lining called Twaron, which is CE approved for abrasion and cut resistance.

They’ve got removable Knox armour at the knee, with pockets for more at the hips.

I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks, during which time I’ve been lucky enough not to test their crash-resistance, so this is a first-impressions review.

It’s been long enough to establish that they’re head and shoulders above other motorcycle jeans I’ve owned for style and fit.

They’re designed and made in Italy, which apparently has a reputation for style, and it shows. These jeans are made to look good as well as protect. To fit, not flap about in the wind.

Not only do I keep them on after I arrive, I also wear them on days when I’m not riding at all.

I like

Because they fit well, the knee armour stays where it’s supposed to be – over your knee. I’ve got another pair of motorcycle jeans in which it always seems to be working its way around to the back of my leg.

Plus the belt they come with has a double-D fastener, something all and only motorcyclists understand.

I don’t like

They’re a little long in the leg. I think all motorcycle jeans are, so your ankles aren't left exposed when you’re on the bike. It’s fine – I just roll them up a bit, as pictured.


Motorcycle jeans have come a long way. For the first time, I’ve found a pair I actually like.

Product tested: PMJ Legend men’s motorcycle jeans in mid-blue.

Price: £209.99