New: Tyre pressure monitoring system

Check your tyre pressure whilst on the move with the £149 wireless digital monitor from TyrePal

Tyre pressure can have a large effect on the performance of your motorcycle but it is also essential to have the correct inflation for safety and running costs.

According to TyrePal, makers of a new digital tyre pressure monitoring system, running 3psi under can use 5% more fuel, shortern tyre life by up to 15% and increase the risk of a puncture.

TyrePal's TD4100 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System allows you to be aware of your tyre pressure whilst on the move.

The wireless system connects to the valve and relays information to a handlebar monitor; a red LED flashes a warning when the pressure becomes too low.

Priced at £149 the system comes complete with instructions, a mounting bracket and batteries. The sensors have anti-theft locking rings and the monitor clips off for safe-keeping. TyrePal say that re-balancing of the wheels is generally unnecessary.

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