New: Touratech Ambato Exp tank bag for BMW R1200GS

Red and silver expandable tank bag to match R1200GS colours

TOURATECH now makes an expandable tank bag to match BMW’s R1200GS in red and silver.

The touring accessory firm’s "Ambato Exp" tank bag has been on sale for a month but until now only in black or black and white.

It features a model-specific base plate for quick-release attachment to the R1200GS, waterproof inserts and Cordura fabric described as “tear proof”.

Touratech says: “It comes with an inside pocket with Velcro lid fastening, an organiser with mini-bag, a map pocket as well as reflective drawstrings to quickly attach gloves or a rain coat.

"With its comfortable carrying handle, the tank bag also looks good when taken off the motorbike. With the supplied straps, it can be also used as a rucksack or a shoulder bag.”

Price: £227.79