New: Shark Race-R Pro

Shark's top of the range lid with a 5-star SHARP rating

UPDATE: 2013 Shark Race-R Pro helmet review here.

This year I've been racing in the 848 Challenge wearing my trusty Shark RSX, which I've worn for a couple of years. The RSX is a 5-star SHARP rated helmet but at 1.6kg, it's slightly weighty.

My first Shark helmet was the RSR back in 2003 (see pic below of me on the Flying Cow), they were imported by the same company that import Arai and were touted as a supporting brand but I've always thought their quality is well up there with the best. If you've ever owned a Shark, you'll know their visors are thicker than anyone else's and that gives them a really sturdy, secure feel.

So step in the new Race R Pro. Don't flinch at the price, although £499 is a lot of money, for anything. However, this top of the range Shark comes with everything you'd expect from a premium brand, featuring: Carbon Aramid shell, double-D ring chin strap, 4 anchor points for the visor and venturi-designed air extraction.

That's all well and good but the main thing you notice is the weight. Or lack of it. It weighs just 1250 grams, significantly lighter than my RSX - which you'd expect as that's a mid-price helmet - however it's also much lighter than my 1600-gram Arai RX-7 GP, which is my current lid of choice.

I'll let you know how I get on with the Race R Pro after the next round of the 848 Challenge, at Brands Hatch early August.

See more Shark helmets at the official UK website: