New: Scorpion silencer for Z800e

£300 silencer gives extra 4.9bhp and saves 5.4kg, say makers

PERFORMANCE exhaust manufacturer Scorpion has launched a silencer for Kawasaki's Z800e which it says adds 4.9bhp while shaving 5.4kg off weight.

The Z800e is Kawasaki's A2-friendly version of the Z800, with claimed power reduced from 111 to 94bhp. A2 licence holders limited to 47bhp can ride a machine which has been restricted but it must not have made more that 94bhp to begin with, making the Z800e eligible.

Scorpion quotes a power figure of 82.6bhp for the Z800e and says its Serket Taper silencer boosts it to 87.5. A "Parallel" version offers 86.5bhp and saves 5kg.

The Serket Parallel is no louder than standard, at 88.5 dB according to Scorpion, while the Taper makes 91.7dB. Both make a deeper note.

The Parallel is cigar-shaped while the Taper is - you guessed it - tapered.

Scorpion says: "Kawasaki's Z800e is a restricted version of the Z800, however our designers haven't restricted anything when developing both Serket Parallel and Taper silencers for this bike. Both developments give more power while reducing weight and both silencers feature Scorpion's removable baffle.

"As well as the impressive performance improvements, both silencers have been acoustically developed to improve the sound of the bike. The standard quiet sound is replaced with a much deeper note."

Price: £299